About Us

AMS Equestrian Club (AMSEC) commenced its operations on the 15th of August, 2016 and we provide equestrian facilities for riders and horses alike.

One of the many facilities we provide includes the Arena, which measures 60 metres by 20 meters, the perfect size for you to train to be the next best rider. The Arena is covered to protect you and your horse from the scorching sun or the pouring rains of the Malaysian climate. As they say “The show must go on!” … unless a storm is coming.

You want to ride in the open? Sure! We have the paddock (uncovered of course) for you to ride and practice your riding skills.

Leisurely rides are needed sometimes. The track circling the arena has got you covered for that.

Riding within fences can be a little boring sometimes. Accompanied by our personnel, you can go on outrides on routes we’ve prepared for you to be one with nature.

We also have 13 spacious stables for the comfort of our horses. They need their space too, you know? Two of them even have their own air-conditioners. Lucky them!

Speaking of riding, worry not! The Club provides you with certified coaches to help you learn to take your first steps into horseback riding and trained personnel that are always happy to help you with your equestrian needs.

Safety is our top priority and we want the best for the best. For our riders, we provide helmets and vests for your peace of mind. You can even get your very own riding equipment at our Front Office.

Come and ride with us at AMS Equestrian Club.